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Meeting notes Oct 28th
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Meeting notes Oct 28th

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sat, Oct 28, 2006

Planning Nov/Dec worship

Oct 28th 1-3pm
Present Pastor Tim Mason (convener) Jon Osorio, Susan Fischer. Marilyn (hostess) & Yukio Hamada, Bob Joseph, Lea Del Castillo, Lisa Kimsey, Jill Hattemer, 
Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk (recorder)

Notes are divided into 3 sections.
 A. ACTIONS; things to do extracted from meeting notes
 B. General discussion
 C.  Weekly music/presentation suggestions organized by date.

NEXT M&W Liturgical Arts meeting: Thursday November 30th 7-9pm at Susan Fischer’s home.

Pastor Tim:
1. Announce bring picture of loved ones for Nov. 5th Service. ASK LINDA CLUNEY to do an email blast on Thursday to remind people.  Draft EMAIL message: All Saints remembrance, bring picture or other memorabilia of loved ones to place in a circle of love on Sunday Nov 5th. 
2. Make sure there is an announcement about gratitude dinner in (Nov 12º) in bulletin
3. Announcement for bulletin: Thanksgiving service – CBTS will join in the 44th annual Interfaith Service 7pm Wed Nov 22nd at Nu'uanu Congregational Church NO SERVICE on the CBTS campus.
4. Check out if we subscribe to Sundays and Seasons from ELCA. IF not should we join?  CHECK IT OUT… even without a subscription, it has some great stuff. 
a. Create template for M&W team to use for considering music for worship to bring to meetings.  (Use Sunday and seasons?)
b.  Get readings themes out to committee 3 months in advance.  (Use Sunday and seasons?)

Bob Joseph:
1. Bring flower or Ti Leaves for Nov 5th Service. Lay them out in a circle under the cross the night before or early morning of the service.  To have at both services.
2. Continue special music with quartet (sorry I don’t know who is in quartet)
3. Send details of interfaith thanksgiving service if you have it. To Pu (for notes) and Rebecca for bulletin. 

1. Find music for:
a. Only Remember: And bring in a copy for choir to learn (and to put in bulletin?  I wasn’t clear on this)
b. Mahalo ‘Oli—Jon will get if for choir (and bulletin?). 
2. Select 6 songs and working with Jill then rehearse with choir for advent season.
1. Bring cloths for the Nov 19th, Will contact seamstresses to sew into quilt by the 22nd (thanksgiving eve) Nicki, Pam Tajima, Judy Kimsey
2. Contact Solo Kiana to sing on Dec 5th Candle on the Water..Devotional - Special music Kiana Lum 
3. Contact Dancers DANCE THE 3 R songs. See if Duncan might play it.
1. Move all hymnals into plastic bins Marilyn will bring them. The users will  
Hand out bulletins and let people know which hymnal to take for that Sunday.  Members will get books themselves from bins, ushers will hand books to newcomers/visitors
1. Notes send to committee for comment and post to website.
2. Dance for the 5th. Dance Dec 5th Prepare Ye 
Marilyn, will make sure Choir will know the arrangement Pu will contact people to dance: Gloria Reynold, Chachi, Pu, Lea and Ruth Dance.
1. Review music (with Bob?) to suggest pieces for the choir to sing throughout the Pentecost/advent season. 
2. Work with Pu/ Lea for dancing Dec 5 Prepare Ye.
1. Email sermon or the exercise to Pu to post on website. (If desired)
1. Review songs for choir for advent season.

Susan F.
1.  Asked for committees feed back to COD on:
TED Tsia said Chaminade sells year old pianos... 
Committee said NO need for right now for new piano. But can pursue another year. We will need new organ more than a piano
2. LIGHT one Candle. NEED TO FIND THE WORDS Add a new verse every Sunday. Families to share a brief story as part of lighting the wreath.
3. Find other Advent songs form BILAC 

B.  General Information:
Tim brought examples of bulletins from the Professional Leaders Conference.  With different ideas of ways to present the information.  1. Has absolutely everything written out including all the prayers and songs to words.  2. The other is a very brief, with references to the setting and readings.

New hymnal is a lovely cranberry color… Tim likes the setting 8.  New hymnals come the end of Dec.  Commissioning of the new hymnals Dec 31st.

Tomorrow Reformation Sunday…  Tim went over tomorrow’s bulletin, songs – some of the songs may need some to be practiced by Choir to lead the songs. Both services are laid out.  We can keep the services different. 
Goal to have a 2-hour monthly meeting where we plan out 4 weeks of meetings.
Tim’s suggestion is that in the M&W meeting discuss the 10am service. And Tim will work on the 7:30am on his own, unless we have time to handle in the monthly meeting. 

Consider evening worship services:  for instance Wed nights in Lent to combine with
Youth group meetings

Need to meet the need of disenfranchised groups.

Want to use Hawaiian Hymnals to have more Hawaiian songs and blessing.

Sunday Night Christmas Eve 5 and 10:30 pm 
Hark the Herald Angel sings… PU and Ruth Angel dance. . 
Christmas Morning service has 10am Monday

Tim will be working on a template for the meetings to see what people have in mind for songs as part of worship for specific Sundays.

Call of worship:
Blessing song
Gospel Song (post gospel) wraps up Gospel, or prepares for Sermon
Sermon hymn (follows sermon) tie to sermon and theme for day
Communion Hymn--- we don’t currently do and can be done in place of Doxology
Sending hymn

 And then Special presentations…

C. Weekly music/presentation suggestions:
Nov 5t h
Yukio Sermon Topic Growth Giving topic.  -- 
 He will be giving an exercise. This is what it means to be a saint. 
BOB will get the flowers for Nov. 5th. To make the circle… 
Songs suggestion:
Welcoming song:  He has made me Glad. W&P 54
For all the Saints 174 LBW
Here I am Lord, wov 752 
Sending: Take my life that I might be LBW406
 When in our Music Wov 802

Need to be told this Sunday to bring pictures, and send email blast, Suggest to put a circle of flowers under the cross and place the pictures of loved ones who have passed
into the circle on the floor under the cross. 

Nov  12 
God’s Time story on Sabbath, 
Gratitude dinner is that night.
Stewardship them continues. Sabbath theme.
WELCOME:  Come to us creative spirit.  WOV 758
Only Remember:  Jon will have to find. And bring in a copy to have the choir
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind LBW 506
Send them home with something to piece of cloth that they decorate with something they are grateful with. . Lisa brings Cloth. To bring on the 19th. And then have it sewn into a quilt.
DANCE THE 3 R song. Lisa will check Duncan might play it.
EMAIL Blast during week to remind people to bring back decorated gratitude cloth

Nov 19th
Thanksgiving Theme—
People bring back the cloth they decorated with gratitude. 
NEED TO ASK Seamstresses to sew. Nicki, Pam Tajima, Judy Kimsey
Great is they faithfulness 771 WOV
 LBW 409 praise and thanks giving
Come you thankful people come
Mahalo ‘Oli—Jon will get if for us. 
We bring the sacrifice of praise  w&P 150
He has made me glad W*P 54
Let there be praise W&P 87
Send them home with something to piece of cloth that they decorate with something they are grateful with. . Lisa To bring Cloth. To bring on the 19th. And then have it sown into a quilt.  To take to the thanksgiving interface

Nov 22nd. (Wed Thanksgiving eve)
Decided to invite CBTS to the Interfaith service at the  Nu'uanu congregational church.  7pm. Make a  quilt to have Tim Bring from CBTS.... 
 Bob J to send details to RMQ 

Nov 26—
New members accepted. 
Keiki story: Living light  (making room for God in your life.. Sabbath)
All hail the power of Jesus name LBW 328
Jesus shall reign is LBW 530
King of Kings W&P 80
King of Glory WPS 136
Jesus remember me W&P 78

Dec 3rd is first Sunday of Advent. 
Welcoming song:  Prepare yea the way..  - Choir
In Christ there is no East or West LBW – 359 Choir can sing
LIGHT one Candle. NEED TO FIND THE WORDS Add a new verse every Sunday. Families to share a brief story as part of lighting the wreath. 
Candle on the Water..Devotional - Special music Solo Kiana Lum 
Emanuel W&P  36 

Dec 10th Evening service:
Lisa &  Julie Mary’s Song – Song and dance  S
Wov 730 My soul proclaims your greatness.
When the Green blade rises

Dec 17th
PAC SERVICE  at both services… 7:30  and 10

Dec 22nd
Friday evening  at 7pm BLUE CHRISTMAS.

Dec 24th
4 services
7:30 am, 10am  (do we want to do just one 9am service?)
5pm (keiki)
10:30 pm candlelight
ideas: Live nativity. 
Hark the Herald Angels sing (Ruth, Pu, Gloria and other dance angels) 

Choir: Hallelujah chorus and
The Glory of the Lord.

Dec 25th
1 morning service 9am?

Dec 31st
Commissioning new hymnal