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Message to congregation Calvary to adopt 2 missionaries
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Message to congregation Calvary to adopt 2 missionaries

Posted by: Pulelehua on Mon, Mar 27, 2006

Dear Pastor/Church representative:
1)  Calvary by the Sea Missions Team.
When I enquired last year about missionary activities by our sister congregations, most of you responded that you would be interested in finding out what we plan to do at Calvary by the Sea, and I promised to keep you in touch.
2)  Hukilao Meeting
We have been invited by Pastor Ruth Peterson to give a presentation at the Hukilau meeting on 29 April, when we plan to distribute some folders for each congregation, so this is just a preliminary message.
3)  Adopt a missionary.
Our Pastor and President, Tim Mason and Don Hardaway (with the approval of Council), have just signed a petition to the ELCA Division of Global Missions, committing ourselves to adopt two missionaries.
a)  Rev. David Person and Dr. Holly Nelson.
The first is Pastor David Person, working in Tokyo Japan, who has been very active in leading Youth Activities in many areas of South-East Asia.
b)  The second is Dr. Holly Nelson, pediatrician, who together with Dr. Tim Nelson work out of a Church Hospital in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon.
Attached for your interest are some newsletters from these missionaries:
c)  Our commitment.
We commit ourselves to give an annual contribution to support these missionaries, to keep our congregation informed about them, and to pray for them.  In return, we will be sent their newsletters, and as much as possible, have them come to visit us on their sabbaticals. Pastor Person travels extensively internationally, and Dr. Nelson was born here, and still has family here, so it would not be too much to expect for them to come here, perhaps every other year.
d)  Let’s do this together.
We invite all our sister congregations to participate in helping these missionaries, to enable all our members to identify with an individual missionary.  Please consider whether you wish also to adopt one of these missionaries, or to contribute to their support, or help to pay for their expenses when they come here.  The more local churches do together, the easier it will be to have visits from these missionaries.
4)  Sunday School
Also, we are exploring how our Sunday Schools might interact with the children (and adult congregations) in these regions, e.g. by exchange of letters and photographs.
5)  Other Missions Team activities
a)  Pastor Muente and Tsunami Needs in Indonesia
In October, we invited Pastor Muenthe from Indonesia to preach, and hosted a lunch for him afterwards, where we learned about what the Lutheran Church in Indonesia was doing for the people most devastated by the Tsunami last year. 
a)  Professor Paul Martin and China Services Venture.
In February, when Pastor Lee of the Chinese Lutheran invited Rev Paul Martinson and Ida Marie Martinson to speak at a special meeting and to preach, we hosted a supper to have them talk to members about the work of the China Services Venture in Henan Province, China.
6) Please could somebody tell me the email address of Lihue Lutheran Church?  I could not find it on their web site or anywhere else. Have I missed any other congregation?