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Minutes 20 Sept
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Minutes 20 Sept

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sat, Nov 26, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 4:30.
Present were Pastor Tim Mason, Sherri Clark, and Pulelehua Quirk.  Ted Hsia arrived late.  Absent was Billie Pring.
The minutes of our last meeting on 11 Aug had been submitted to Billie Pring by Sherri Clark, but were not available for the Committee to approve.
1) Adopt a missionary.
The DGM folder with all the missionary profiles had begun to be circulated, but had not yet been seen by Pastor Tim or Pulelehua Quirk.  A copy of each profile was passed around, but the DGM folder with its contents were not available.
After a brief discussion, it was decided that
a)  A specific recommendation should be submitted for Council approval. 
b)  Among the candidates, Pastor David Person, who was very active in Japan, and was a close friend of Pastor Mason, was considered, as well as Dr. Holly Nelson and her Husband Tim Nelson, who were medical missionaries in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, West Africa.  Dr. Holly is a pediatrician, Dr. Tim is a surgeon.  They have two young daughters; they have found it a great challenge to provide adequate education for their children.
c)  Both these candidates were well suited to our congregation, and the Committee members present agreed nem con to seek approval from DGM to adopt both Rev David Person and Dr. Holly Nelson.  If DGM approves, we will submit these names to Council; otherwise, we will consider any alternate recommendations DGM might offer.
2) Other activities of the Mission Committee, consideration of budget requested for next year: 
a) Training Conference:
Pastor Tim informed us about a training and development conference 27 to 30 July 2006, at Amherst, Mass.  This would be a wonderful and inspirational opportunity for some congregational members to be made much more aware of all the activities and needs of the mission fields. 
The cost per person would be at least $1,000, including transportation and accommodation.  The Mission Committee should consider sending two to four members, ideally including some youth.
b) Visit to Mission Field:
Further in the future, one or more congregation members could be sent to a mission field, such as in Japan or Cameroon, for a one to two week immersion in missionary activities.  This would cost at least $3,000 to $5,000 per person.
c) Responsibility for the Mission Budget of Calvary-by-the-Sea.
i) Moneys for Missions 2005.
Pulelehua pointed out that the current year’s budget had set aside $10,500 for unspecified missions, of which $10,000 had not been spent, and could be distributed at the discretion or recommendation of the Mission Committee. 
ii) Mahulia Property Improvement Project:
One suggested recipient would be the Mahulia Property Improvement Project on the Waianae Coast..  Pastor Karen Perkins has estimated the total cost for these improvements would be $50,000.

iii) Overall Mission Budget:
The annual budget is to be formulated by October.  One large section is moneys set apart for Mission donations.  The suggested donation is 10% to 15% of collections from the congregation.  Since a very large portion of the CBTS budget is from Japanese weddings, the current commitment is for much more than 15% of collection monies.  The line items include:
Synod/Church-Wide Mission. $60,000
ELCA World Hunger: $3,000
Pacific Lutheran Seminary: $1,000
Hukilau: $1,100
Angel Network Charities: $50,000.
Miscellaneous:  Budgeted  $10,500.
Total: $125,600. [This is about 7% of our full budget.]
Not included:  $20,000 for Japanese New Testaments, under the Evangelism Committee budget.
iv) Mission Committee to assume responsibility for entire Mission budget.
At present, these budget items are prepared by the Treasurer, for submission to the Council and the congregation for approval.
It was suggested that the preparation of this part of the budget be by the Mission Committee.
If this were done, the Mission Committee should not only prepare numbers for the annual budget, but also monitor outflow and evaluate the efficacy of these moneys, which would require overview feedback from recipients.
Some of this responsibility may have been under the purview of the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, the Evangelism Committee, or decided directly by the Council.
If the Mission Committee were to accept this responsibility, the Committee itself must first decide whether it would be possible or appropriate for this to be made part of the charge to the Mission Committee.  If the Mission Committee felt capable of doing this, it would have to be discussed with all the other relevant committees and the Council, to ensure that each item was not regarded as belonging to another committee.
For this major expansion of the duties of the Mission Committee, it would need to be expanded, firstly to cope with the tasks involved, and secondly to prevent these important decisions from being controlled by so few members.
d) Responsibility for minutes.  At present, the responsibility for the minutes is to be the task of the Chairman, until and unless the Committee expands, and a secretary can be appointed, as well as a treasurer.
 Pulelehua has volunteered to put all material to be published by the Committee on the Church web-site.
e) Future Meeting:  No decision was made about the time and location of the next meeting.
The meeting was closed with prayer.
Respectfully submitted.
Ted Hsia