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Minutes Oct 6th meeting
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Minutes Oct 6th meeting

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sat, Nov 26, 2005

1. This meeting on 6 October was attended by Pastor Tim, Sherri Clark, Billie Pring, and Ted Hsia.  Pastor Tim opened the meeting with prayer at 4:00 p.m.

2. Previous Minutes: 
The minutes of 17 Aug were still not available.  The minutes of 20 Sep, were read, corrected, and approved for posting on our Web site.

3. Any Old Business:  See below.

4. Responsibilities of the Mission Committee.
Pastor Tim suggested a better name for this Committee is:  Missions Team.  This was agreed upon.
 a) Responsibility for coordinating all Calvary Activities with respect to Overseas Missionaries. Pastor Tim preferred that this Committee focus on Overseas activities, and not assume additional responsibility for all Mission-related activities and funding.  In the discussion, everyone agreed.
Apparently the Council had discussed the definition and scope for this committee, when it approved its creation.  The Council did have a Committee description, but so far it has not been retrievable.
Collecting and maintaining a list of former pastors and of former congregation members who had become ordained was deemed important, but was not within the purview of the Missions Team.
Pastor Tim will try to convene a meeting of Linda Hanson, (Stewardship), Garret Pick (Evangelism), Don Hardaway (President of the Congregation), Ted Hsia (Missions Team), Billie Pring (Treasurer), Jon Osorio (Fellowship), and Pulelehua Quirk (former Treasurer), to resolve questions about assignments of responsibilities related to mission activities, and to anticipate potential areas of overlap.

 b) Responsibility for preparing the entire Mission section of the budget for Calvary-by-the-Sea.
This was not discussed, as it was moot if the committee is to focus only on overseas activities.
 c) Any consequential responsibility for seeking evaluating and disseminating feedback from all recipients of donations from Calvary-by-the-Sea.
This was not discussed, as it was moot if the committee is to focus only on overseas activities.
5. Budget for Mission Committee.
The following budget was approved for submission to Council:
a) Sponsorship contract for two missionaries:  $4,000 each per annum $8,000
b) Sending two congregation members to Amherst for Global Mission Event,  $2,000 each $4,000
c) Expenses for Visiting Missionaries [transportation, accommodation. etc].  $3,000 $3,000
d) Preparation of display map and other miscellaneous expenses. $200.00 $200
Total: $15,200
The anticipated expenses for having a missionary come to Hawaii would be quite formidable, if it could not be coordinated with their planned trips to the Mainland, and hopefully with expenses shared by other congregations in Hawaii.  Pastor Tim thought these other possibilities were feasible.
Budget requests for missionary visits would fluctuate, depending on availability of missionaries.
6. Budget for all Calvary Mission activities.
This was not discussed, as it was moot if the committee is to focus only on overseas activities.
7. Adopt a Missionary: Follow-up on Division of Global Missions’ response to email request
Following an email request to Division of Global Missions for approval of Pastor Dave Person and Dr. Holly Nelson, Lea Lenning, Coordinator for Global Mission Support, indicated by telephone that DGM was happy with our choices. 
After Council approval (the Council should decide whether a special presentation to the congregation is needed), the Missionary Sponsorship Covenant, signed by the chairperson of the congregation, and the Pastor, should be sent to Rev. David Lersseth, Director of Global Mission Support, DGM.
The Missions Team will not be considering other potential adoptees any further.
8. Stewardship talk about Mission.  The Stewardship Committee had invited Temple talks at the 9 Oct services about Stewardship and Overseas Missions.  New Missions team members will be solicited.
9. Any New Business.
a) Bulletin Board/Map to display Missionary Activities.
The suggestion for a Bulletin Board about Missionary activities was discussed.  Its practical implementation will need to be considered in detail at future meetings.
The draft of a proposal to Council was reviewed.
For Pastor Dave Person, Pastor Tim is to provide additional information to flesh out the DGM profile for appending to the Proposal to Council.  Pastor Tim informed us that Pastor Dave had extensive outreach projects in South America, and Asia.  [Pastor Dave’s newsletters have been found on the web:]
For Dr. Holly Nelson, appended to the proposal will be her recent newsletters, as well as a map and brief description about Cameroon.
A list of future plans for the Missions Team was included in the Proposal to Council (see Proposal).
Areas of potential overlap were discussed: for instance, local meetings for visiting missionaries should be joint responsibilities of the Missions Team, in coordination with the Evangelism Committee and/or Budget Committee, as appropriate.  At present Evangelism is responsible for the Japanese New Testaments being ordered and prepared to give to Japanese couples married at Calvary by the Sea.  Whether to transfer this to Missions Team should be discussed by the relevant Committees.
Renee Ako had already been approached about Sunday school involvement with our adopted missionaries.  Pastor Tim pointed out the Pastor Dave Person was deeply involved in outreach to children in a Japanese Lutheran Church Children’s Home in Brazil and activities in Bangladesh.
b) Preparation of Report for Annual General Meeting.  This was to be discussed at the next meeting.
10. Setting time for next meeting.  This was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Wed 16 Nov.
11. Prayer.  The session was closed with prayer by Sherri Clark.
Respectfully submitted. Ted Hsia