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Note from former student
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Note from former student

Posted by: J Pick on Wed, Feb 28, 2007

posted by Alison - Tue Jan 23 2007, 01:01am 

Hello. The last time I visited Calvary by the Sea was seven years ago, in 2000. That was for my graduation, I was five then. Now, I am eleven, and having stumbled across this site in my quest for information for a project, I found that Ms. Lisa from my current school was Ms. Lisa at my pre-school! It's funny how things just seem to spring back at you when you least expect it. I remember my friends, and a couple of my teachers. I especially remember one, my best friend, Samantha Beyer. Even though we live in different states now, we're still best friends, and keep in constant contact. I have other friends, Noelle, Phoebe, and yet others who attended this beautiful school in years past.

I just came to sign this to say that I remember learning at the school, and I remember Chapel, every Friday, and the light shining through the windows would be the most beautiful thing imaginable. And then, I remember those long, playful walks on the beach at the end of the day, in Kindergarten. But what I remember most is all of the fun I had at school. Calvary was a place to be at home, to love. It was my favorite place, besides with my family, to be, and I was almost in tears, almost begging for the school to extend and have a first grade. But I didn't, and my life has been blessed, it seems. It's so good to be able to remember.

My father and I drive by Calvary every day on my way to school and back. And every time I look at the crosses on the front, I remember asking my teacher, 'Why are those crosses there, Ms. Christine?' Maybe one day I'll forget, but for now, as long as I live here, and pass it every day, no many how many years pass, I'll remember all of the good times spend at Calvary, and I'll remember the nourishment and love that you all provided. I know I don't sound like an eleven year old girl, but I am. I really am.

Aloha to you all,