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Nov 2006 Meeting notes: Global Missions Team
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Nov 2006 Meeting notes: Global Missions Team

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sun, Feb 11, 2007

The Global Missions Team met at 9:00 a.m. in Calvary by the Sea on 30 Nov 2006.
Present were Pastor Tim Mason, Sherri Clark, Chuck and Carol Mahon, Ted Hsia.  Miki May was unable to attend.
1. Pastor Tim led in prayer to open the meeting.
2. The Minutes for 9 Jul 2006 were approved.
3. Past activities reported were: 
a. Dr. & Mrs. Chang, parents of Dr. Holly Nelson, spoke on 13 Aug about visiting Cameroon.
b. Spring-Roller Presentation has been displayed.  Volunteer(s) are needed to help set it up.
c. Toys were sent in July by Rene Ako to DGM for forwarding to N’Gaoundéré, Cameroon.
d. Requests about Sunday School interactions have been sent to Cameroon, Japan and Henan.
e. Some Calvary Calls articles and website updates have been published.
4. No Council member has yet been assigned for liaison with the Global Missions Team.
5. The Budget submitted for 2007 to Council was approved.
6. Our adopted missionary Pastor David Person in Japan has resigned, with effect in March 2007.  He will then have 3 months for reintegration.  Lea Lenning, Coordinator for Division of Global Missions [DGM], will send us formal information about this in January 2007.
7. Our options about adopting another missionary were discussed. 
a. These included only supporting Dr. Holly Nelson, our medical missionary in Cameroon.
b. Adopting another missionary, from DGM or China Service Ventures [CSV].
8. An outline of our 2006 Report for the Annual General Meeting was discussed.  Pastor Tim was asked to prepare a paragraph about his tour last Spring with Bishop Finck of Southeast Asia,. Sherri Clark suggested the submitted outline be the substance of our report.  This is to be finalized
9. Our future plans were discussed, including: 
a. Delegates to be sent for the Global Missions Event, 2007, Ohio State U., 22 to 24 June, 2007. 
b. Inviting a Pastor from Sabah by the Hukilau, to be based at Calvary for a few weeks. 
c. Visits by Church members to Mission Station(s).
d. Also discussed was responsibilities for our Missions Team activities.  Chuck and Carol Mahon will lead liaison of our Sunday School with those in China or Cameroon.
10. The next meeting was agreed to be on Friday, Jan 12, at 9:00 a.m.  If our Team recruits more members, subsequent meetings will be scheduled as most convenient for everyone.
11. Pastor Tim closed the meeting with prayer at 10:30 a.m..
Respectfully Submitted.
Ted Hsia