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Approved Minutes November 2015
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Approved Minutes November 2015

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Tue, Dec 8, 2015

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

November 19, 2015


1) Call to Order and Roll Call A quorum was in attendance: Cheryl Tuitele, Jennifer Welch, Paul O. Jones, Kim Bock, Mike May, Monika Day, Geoff Hamilton, Pastor Tim, Lisa May Montano, Susan LordAlso in attendance: Shelby Yuu, Tom Poole, Jewell Tuitele, Del Castillo, Tim Sprowls

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m.

2) Devotions Prayer was led by Paul O. Jones

3) Approval of Minutes from the October 15, 2015 Council Meeting The minutes were presented.

4) New Business

 a. Committee Reports in preparation for the annual budget:

The following reports were presented:

Property and Grounds (Tim Sprowls)

Concerns: $19,000 has been spent this year for grounds using Ultimate Innovations. Last year’s budget was $24,000. The grass will probably be $10,000. Tim feels that there are at least 3 leaks in the pipe under the grass. The leaks impact our water bill. They are getting quotes to fix the air conditioning in Pastor’s office. Range for budget next year is $90k - $110k.

Angel Network (Jewell Tuitele)

Jewell Tuitele is asking for the same budget next year as they had this year, but is also asking for money from Building and Grounds to repair the aging building. She asked for $15k from the 2015 budget and 15k from the 2016 budget. Jewell explained how a construction project will bring the ANC buildings up to county electrical code, remodel the facility and resolve the rodent problem, replace all electrical components in the facility (box/outlets/fans/lighting) and repair termite damage in the structural beams. They will also install a timer on the electricity and water heater which will lower electric bills.

Kim Bock, treasurer, stated that there was $30k still in the budget for FY 2015 because we have not finished the carpet replacement or bathroom renovations. Discussion followed to determine the highest priorities for repair. Jennifer Welch motioned to approve 30k out of the FY 2015 budget and Susan Lord seconded. Additional discussion followed. Cheryl Tuitele abstained, as she is the ANC Board treasurer.The motion passed unanimously.

Music and Worship (Tom Poole)

Tom requested $12,665 for the budget FY 2016. In addition, he proposed spending approximately $3,000 to expand PAC to do a full production of Godspell. Equipment maintenance can go down from $4,000 on the report to $2,000. Tom also proposed a new Sacred Dance program that would hire a teacher at a salary of $14,400 a year. After discussion, a consensus was reached not to approve the Sacred Dance program.

Global Missions

Via e-mail, Ted Hsia proposed that we continue our support for current missionaries. As Dr. David and Lara Narita have recently left the mission field and Laurie Kim Lam has begun a mission trip in Eastern Europe, the committee proposes supporting John Lunn, Jim Brown and Laurie Kim Kam with $2,000 each.  Net: flat budget.

The Sunday School Committee has submitted a budget for $3900 a year for a teacher ($75 a week) and an estimate of $2000 for curriculum and resources.

Pastor Tim was called away for this portion of the meeting for a family illness. The Pastor will present budgets for Confirmation, Local and National Missions, and the Teen Youth/Youth Director in December.

 5) Old Business

  1. Congregational Survey (Geoff Hamilton) and Church Attendance (Del Castillo)

Del worked on the committee for the Pacifica Synod and was in charge of demographics and statistics. The synod has had a decline in church attendance. Churches are closing and aging out. Even accounting for that, there is still a downward trend in attendance across the synod. Del feels that we are losing our place of relevance in modern life. Most Lutheran congregation demographics don’t look good. We do have some churches that are growing. The Hukilau is declining here in Hawaii. We need to be concerned. Cheryl spoke of the smaller percentage of young adults in our congregation. Suggestions: Fireside chats with Bishop, Dramatic productions such as “Godspell”.

  1. Organ (Cheryl, Jack, Tom)

Shipping the organ quickly will cost an extra $757. This would have it arrive between Christmas and New Year’s. Our current organ is not working at all currently. The repairman will contribute $400 to install early. Cheryl gave $200. That leaves $157 for the budget. There was a consensus to pay the $157 to have the organ delivered quickly.

Kim recommends that we pay off the organ this year.There was a consensus to ask the committee if we could finish paying for the organ from the capital fund and the designated offering. In light of the organ dying, and our obligation to UI Productions (Japanese Weddings), we will ask the organ committee if we can pay the organ off on this year’s budget. The COD approves the prepayment if the organ committee agrees. The church will continue the fundraising campaign for the purchase of organ keys.

6) Reports

  1. Montessori Pre-School
  2. Music and Worship
  3. Pastor

The three reports were not discussed at the meeting in order to save time. The full reports are on file in the church office.

7) Treasurer’s Report

  1. October Financial Reports (Kim Bock)

The October financial report was not discussed in order to spend more time on the annual budget. The full report is on file in the church office.

8) New Business

  1. Revised Salary Proposal (Cheryl Executive Session) We reviewed the compensation packages for Tom Poole and Pastor Tim Mason.
  2. 2016 Budget (Kim)

Kim Bock went through the budget that the Council of Deacons Executive Committee approved earlier in the week. Kim recommends we do a reserve analysis over the next year.

9) Adjournment and Closing Prayer 9:10 p.m.

10) Next Meeting: December 17, 2015