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Approved Minutes- November 2013
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Approved Minutes- November 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons

21st Nov 2013

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order

President Jim Myers called the meeting to order at 6.09 pm. A quorum of Deacons present

included Mr. Myers, Karen Sisler, Thea Johanos, Adam Sylvester, Susan Lord, Bob

Joseph, Don Hardaway, Pastor Tim Mason, Jack Ashby, and Rafael del Castillo. Apologies

were received from Peggy Trout and Adam Sylvester. Guests included Church Administrator

Shelby Yuu, John Collins, and Director of Music & the Arts Tom Poole.

2) Devotions

Pastor Tim opened the meeting with a prayer. Don Hardaway agreed to do the devotions

next month.

3) Approval of October Minutes.

Mr. Joseph moved acceptance of the minutes, and the motion passed unanimously.

4) Reports

4a) President. Mr. Myers reported on a conference on safety in churches he attended,

where some surprising facts emerged. He noted that we should review our safety facilities,

first-aid kits, etc.

4b) Youth Director. Pastor Tim reported on events the youth and OYEA are doing, and

said Ms. Larson is doing a great job. Not clear whether we will need to find a new Director

when her pregnancy comes to term next spring.

4c) Property. Mr. Collins circulated a spreadsheet listing projects and estimated costs

the Property Committee forsees the next three years. Other ideas that were suggested

included ADA door openers on the restrooms, and remote door locks for Aloha Lani. It

was agreed by consensus to let the Ohana know that maintenance matters should be

reported to the church office.

4d) Treasurer’s. Ms. Lord reported that the budget gap has been closed. Because expenses

are $37k less than forecast, the net income over expenses year to date is $34k.

The budget for the next financial year will be discussed at the December meeting. She

introduced some minor problems needing attention for the monetary counters and it was

agreed by consensus how to proceed. Ms. Sisler moved that once a month, beginning

in January, the congregational offering for the previous month compared with the expected

budget be reported in the Sunday notices. The motion passed unanimously.

It was also agreed by consensus that there would be an oral presentation by Ms. Lord

and Mr. Ashby to the congregation on the status of church offerings for the year.

Actions: Ms. Lord, Mr. Ashby, and the Church Office.


4e) School. Mr. Myers reported that Ms. Hawkins in not feeling well, but otherwise the

School seems to be doing well.

4f) Stephen Ministry. Pastor Tim reported that at the end of January another Stephen

Ministry class will begin.

4g) Christian Education. Ms. Sisler reported on changes in the format of the curriculum

to make the experience “less like school” for the children.

4h) Worship & Music. Dr. Poole reported that Mr. McLaughlin will be doing the sermons

both services this Sunday. He outlined the church services through all of December.

He noted that the organ committee is looking at replacing the organ, which is coming

to the end of its useful life. The Organ Committee is hoping to mount a fund-raising

campaign, but some expense for a new organ may be required in the 2014 budget.

4i) Pastor. There is on-going discussion about security for the church office. Pastor

Tim discussed some other pastoral issues he has been involved in.

5) New Business

5a) Air-conditioner for copier room. This is a budgeted item and the office was encouraged

to go ahead with the purchase from the three estimates provided.

Action: Church office.

5b) ANC Fundraiser. Ms. Lord reviewed discussion with the ANC Board. There was

some discussion whether a one-day liquor license was needed or not and further information

was expected from the ANC Board.

6) Incomplete Business.

6a) AFLAC insurance plans. A request to make a presentation to church staff has

been received. [Who?] moved to permit Judy Magin to offer AFLAC plans to church

staff. The motion passed unanimously.

6b) ANC Procedures. The Church staff feels that the changes made have not made a

substantial difference for ANC people entering the church office from the west side.

Ms. Lord moved that the church office investigate installing a security system for the

campus, which would obviously include both doors to the church office. The motion

passed unanimously.

Action: Church office.

7) Adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 8.53 pm. The next meeting will be on Thursday

19th December at 6 pm.