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Approved Minutes- October 2013
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Approved Minutes- October 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons – Minutes

Oct 17, 2013

1.Call to Order:

∙President Jim Myers called the Council to order at 6:10

∙Members Jim Myers, Bob Joseph, Peggy Trout, Jack Ashby, Susan Lord, Rafael Del Castillo, Adam Sylvester, Karen Sisler, Thea Johanos-Kam, Pastor Tim were present.

∙Guests were Tom Poole, Jennifer Hawkins, Shelby Yuu

∙Don Hardaway was absent

2.Devotions by Adam Sylvester (as written by Del).  Next month Adam by Adam

3.Approval of Sept minutes
Moved to approve and seconded by Del and Jack.  There were no corrections


Youth Director

∙ Kari is doing well with our teens.  Her only problem is meeting space.  Oaha Youth is mixing Episcopalians with our youth for events.  When they meet in our space, we provide the food, at their space they provide the food.

Right now, two signatures are required for checks over $1000.  Shelby is preparing a list of contractual or standard budgeted expenditures for next month and we will vote on whether those bills can be paid with only a single signature (by Shelby).
Susan is finalizing financial worksheets for committees. She will distribute them to committee chairs soon.

The school is having several fund raisers including: Montessori gadgets, Christmas trees, fund fair.
A parent workshop was held tonight with good attendance and participation.
Since the school is no longer including the cans from the kitchen in their recycling program, we need to find some way to dispose of the cans in a responsible fashion.

∙Stephen Ministry
We currently have 12 active care givers serving 10 care receivers; the Stephen group will assist with Blue Christmas on Dec 20, JP will speak on grief on Nov 19 for the S.M and any others who wish to attend.  CBTS will begin new classes for Stephen Ministers in Jan.

∙Christian Education
Teachers and staff meet quarterly: the next one is Nov 9 at 9:45.

∙Global Missions
Global Missions is working with the Hukilau in sponsoring “Mattresses for Missions”, a program to help John Lunn provide mattresses and mattress covers for patients in African hospitals.

∙CBTS Retreat
The fall retreat at Molikai was well attended (about 75 people) and lots of fun.  It is a great event to help people become more involved with the spirit of CBTS.

∙Music & Worship
Tom’s report included plans for worship services through spring.  CBTS will be a busy place during Christmas.

PT is going to the Pastor’s conference next week.

5.New Business

∙Financial consultant report
Not completed yet.  Susan hopes to have a report by our next meeting.

∙Budgeting Process
The fall budgeting process is beginning.  Susan hopes to meet or talk with each committee chairman

∙AFLAC option
after discussion the following was adopted:
“ Be it resolved that it is the policy of CBTS that any employee benefit provider who wishes to make a presentation to CBTS staff must send a letter to exec requesting an invitation before coming on our property”. 
Motion made by Del, second by Bob Joseph.

∙Bob Legler asked that we shorten the chains lining the front grass area to prevent someone falling over them.  We have shortened the chains.  Bob has agreed to manage and pay for sanding and refinishing the rails in front of the sanctuary.  Work on the rails will begin as soon as possible.

6.Incomplete Business

∙The Hukilau is at CBTS this coming Saturday, Oct 19
CBTS members will be needed to help with registration, table set up for lunch, and welcoming our guests.

∙UI financial year modification
UI has asked that we change our contact with them to match the Japanese Fiscal year.  Del moved that we honor UI’s request,  Bob Joseph seconded.

∙Campus Usage by ANC – motion 1
A motion to reconsider our decision of last month was made by Bob Joseph; second by Susan Lord. 
After discussion, the motion to reconsider passed.

∙Campus Usage by ANC -  motion 2

Regarding ANC’s distribution of food, the Council of Deacons voted to rescind its action of Sept 18 and request a meeting of the CBTS Board with the ANC Board of Directors before ANC’s operation on Oct. 24. If a meeting before that time cannot be arranged, we request that ANC modify its distribution hours on Thursdays and Fridays to be from 10 – 2 and post a volunteer at the kindergarten door in the interim.
Motion made by Bob Joseph, seconded by Del., passed.


7.The Council of Deacons adjourned at 9:25, with prayer. .