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Recent happenings Feb 23rd 2006
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Recent happenings Feb 23rd 2006

Posted by: Pulelehua on Tue, Feb 28, 2006

Update on happenings and agenda for next meeting

Dear Missions team:
1) Annual Missions Team Budget
The Missions Team budget requests are not clearly listed in our Annual Report, but are within the "Global Missions"  allocation of $29,200, which I believe includes the Japanese Bibles.
Billie Pring told me our budget had been considered, and our commitment for each adopted missionary had been cut from $4,000 each to $2,000 each.  The other tiems requested for activities for 2006 had also been cut.
2) Our Web site
Pulelehua has kindly continued to be responsible for our web site.
Recent additions include the newsletter from Dr. Holly Nelson, and the report about China Service Ventures.
3) Missionaries to be adopted
Rev David Person:  We have no new information from Rev Person.
Dr. Holly Neslon.  Not only have we received their January newsletter, but her parents, Dr. Clarence and Rachel Chang, came to morning service on 29 Jan 2006, when they were in town.
Dr. and Mrs. Chang had visited their daughter in Cameroon, and when they next visit Honolulu, I  suggest that we arrange for them to give us a talk about their impressions and experiences. [see agenda]
4) China Service Ventures, CSV
At two week’s notice, the Missions Team hosted a supper for Rev and Mrs. Martinson, who presented a video and gave a Powerpoint presentation about the work of CSV in Henan Province.
Those who attended seemed to have been very impressed.
In order to give more exposure to CSV, the Martinsons had left some brochures and a copy of a DVD of their video presentation.  I have asked Pastor Tim whether the video can be shown to more of our congregation sometime.
5) Proposed Date for the next meeting:  This should be arranged, perhaps at my place on a weekday evening, or Sherri has suggested after the second service on a Sunday.
6) Proposed Agenda for the next meeting:
Opening Prayer
Unfinished Business
I: Missions Team Budget for 2006.
II: Submission of petition by Pastor Tim and Don Hardaway to Global Missions of ELCA for adopting Rev David Person and Dr. Holly Nelson.
IIa:  Notification to all local Lutheran churches about these adoptions, with invitations for them also to adopt these missionaries, so that a group of local Churches can combine their support, and hopefully share in activities about these missionaries.
IIIa: Arrangement of presentation by Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Rachel Chang about Ngaoundéré, Cameroon.
IIIb: Arrangement for presenting the video about CSV.
IIIc: Arrange with Renee Ako for Sunday School linkage to Cameroon, Henan, to the CSV arts sharing program for Sunday School children, or both.
IIId:  Arrange for Rev Don Nelson, retired missionary living in Kaneohe, to tell us about his experiences and the missionary needs in Sabah, Malaysia.
IV: Plans for Global Missions Event, 27 to 30 July 2006
V: Possibility for someone to accompany Pastor Tim to Hong Kong, or Pastor Simon Lee to Henan.
VI: Bulletin Board.
VII:  Relationship of Missions Team to Contributions by CBTS to Lutheran World Hunger, and ELCA.
VIII: Any other business
VII:  Date for next meeting.
Closing prayer.
China Service Ventures, CSV, in Henan, China

Rev Paul Martinson and Ida Marie Martinson, gave presentations about recent missionary activities in a remote rural region in central China, at a supper on 5 Feb 2005 hosted by the Missions Team. The supper was attended by about 20 people,.

The Rev Martinson was born in China, and is a retired teacher from Luther Seminary in Minnesota [Pastor Mason and Yukio Hamada have both had him as a teacher].  Mrs. Martinson had been a faculty member at the School of Nursing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
China Service Ventures, CSV, was founded in honor of Rev Martinson’s aunt, Cora Martinson, to foster relations of Christian groups in the United States with people in China. 

The Martinson’s showed us a very moving video about the work CSV was doing in 18 villages in the populous but impoverished rural regions around XinYang, Henan Province. 

CSV has been giving scholarships to children unable to afford school, donating milk supplements for the children, stocking school libraries, teaching English, and addressing the health needs of the village communities.  CVS is also sponsoring art exchanges between several Sunday schools in Lutheran Churches in America, with the children in these villages.
The video included statements by local villagers, expressing thanks to CSV, and promising to take full advantage of the educational opportunities opened to them by CSV.

Rev. Martinson explained how CSV worked discretely to gain the confidence and approval of the local authorities, for permission to provide educational and other services. 

CSV has also sponsored week-long intensive Bible Study Courses for aspiring lay leaders in this region, which has a pressing need for ordained ministers. 

Mrs. Martinson described how CSV was teaming up with Chinese Nurse-volunteers to assess the health status of these villagers, promote preventive health measures, and to establish essential health facilities for them. 

Following the successful establishment of these programs, many other neighboring villages are requesting help from CSV.

Also, Pastor Simon Lee of the Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu spoke about his visit to Henan, and requested help with rebuilding funds for the recently demolished uninhabitable NanGuang Church in XinYang, the first Lutheran church built in China. It has a congregation of 3,000, obliged currently to meet outdoors, even in Winter.

At the supper meeting, we were given a strikingly graphic appreciation of the challenges facing those striving to help the Chinese, and the physical and political obstacles which have to be overcome, in order to bring Jesus’ Good News to the many Chinese who have no knowledge about Him.

Guests at the supper included Rev. Don and Mrs. Nelson, former missionaries in Sabah, East Malaysia.  They have recently retired to Kaneohe, and are new members of St. John’s Church. 
Ted Hsia, Chairman, Mission Team