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Approved Minutes- September 2013
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Approved Minutes- September 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons - Minutes

Sept 19, 2013

1.Call to Order:

  • President Jim Myers called the Council to order at 6:11.
  • Members Jim Myers, Bob Joseph, Peggy Trout, Jack Ashby, Don Hardaway, Adam Sylvester, Karen Sisler, Pastor Tim were present.
  • Guests were Tom Poole, Jennifer Hawkins, Shelby Yuu
  • Susan Lord, Rafael Del Castillo, Thea Johanos-Kam were absent


  • Bob Joseph discussed God’s new plan for the world, a plan whereby love for others and their problems drives decision making.  Love is a candle against the wind.

3.August minutes

- approved with minor changes



  • Rally Sunday went well especially since it did not have an event leader
  • Our new Youth Director is Kari Karson.  Her activities and relationships with our young people is going very well
  • All scholarship money ($3,650) from “Beyond These Doors” has been distributed.  We expect it to be the beginning of a stronger program linking our congregation with our college age students.


  • We have a new and much better first page, thanks to Jack and Mary Pat.  In the absence of our treasurer, the treasurers report was distributed, but not discussed.


  • Our school year is going well, some students moved from part to full time.
  • Several fund raisers are progress; Thrivent will be matching 4-1 on Christmas tree sales.
  • Our parents session will be Oct 17, we will invite CBTS people.
  • On April 3 we have an AMI accreditation review.

·Stephen Ministry

  • no report

·Christian Education

  • Our teaching staff for the fall Sunday School is in place, Keri will take middle school students in with high school.
  • Karen Sisler suggests we combine babies in child care with our infant Sunday school

·Global Missions

  • Global Missions is leading Adult Forum on Oct 6
  • The offering at the Fall Hukilau conference will go to John Lunn and his Mattresses for Missions.


  • Most everyone has been contacted and assigned to a tribe
  • New members are being contacted, many of them are already participating in tribe responsibilities and are going to the retreat

·Music & Worship

  • see attached report


  • New member class began Sept 15 with about 9 members, some already active at CBTS
  • Hukilau is at CBTS Oct 19; need CBTS people to help

5.New Business

·Financial consultant report

  • Delayed since Susan is not here

·Campus Usage

  • The executive committee met in session last week and brought a unanimous motion with second to the CoD that after Oct 25, ANC no longer distribute food any day of the week except Saturday.   Specifically, there will be no food distribution when there are children on campus.  This motion was brought by EXEC with prayer, love, and concern for our total ministry.  The two groups are not compatible this close together.  The new arrangement will allow us to both feed people and educate children.  After Oct 25, 2013, children and clients cannot be on campus at the same time.
  • The motion was then discussed by the entire CoD at length, and unanimously approved by the deacons present.  
  • The CoD hopes that the distribution of food on Saturday will mean that more people can get food and more can help pack and/or serve.
  • Bob Joseph and Pastor Tim will talk with the ANC board and with Mac (Fri at 11:15.)

6.Incomplete Business

·Maintenance/update of wedding facilities

  • Report attached

·Employee Handbook Revision

  • In progress by Bob and Jim

·Staff review

  • Tim and Jim to coordinate

·Money Counting Procedures

  • Jack needs one more person

·FACE Dues:

  • We did not pay our 2012 dues although it was budgeted; did not budget for 2013Bob Joseph made motion to pay 2012 amount as well as same amount for 2013. Second by Jack Ashby. Motion carried.

7.Meeting adjourned with prayer at 8:30.