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Tribe ReBalancing

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Tribe ReBalance

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Tribe ReBalancing

Posted by: Admin on Fri, Jul 8, 2016

Tribe ReBalancing

A time for reflection and dreaming.


Our delightful tribes have been in action for about ten years.  The tribes support our worship services and provide opportunity for fellowship.  We appreciate your service as tribe members.  It takes all of us to be a dynamic congregation.  We especially appreciate the dedication of all past tribe leaders. Let’s lend our support to our current tribe leaders, Tribe 1 (Pulelehua Quirk), Tribe 2 (Renee Ako), Tribe 3 (Leslie Dormans & Mary Osorio), Tribe 4 (Garret & Janet Pick), and Tribe 5 (Kelly Holden & Jeanie Evans).

As membership and leadership of the tribes have changed since the tribes were originally formed, we find ourselves in need of time to reflect and reinvent our mission to support worship service and fellowship.

Pastor Tim, Tom Poole, tribe leaders and the Council of Deacons (COD) have authorized a small action team comprised primarily of tribe leaders and church staff to look at the process of assigning members to tribes and the process of scheduling & training worship service volunteers.  This team will be in place for one year. Supporting the team will be COD members Pat Wong and Lisa May Montano, who have been authorized by the COD to answer questions about tribes, support the tribes, and listen to tribe concerns.

Our first step is to streamline the tribe model to five tribes in total, with December, special services, Holy Week and sunrise Easter services being handled by all tribes. To do that, members of Tribe 6 will be moved to other tribes of their choosing. Tribe 7 (Pulelehua leader) will now be known as Tribe 1.

Wonderful adventure!  We ask for everyone’s kokua as we go forward.  Our participation in the tribes contributes to making Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church the special place that we love.


Ahuwale ka po’okela I kau hana ia ha ‘i…

(“It is through the way you serve others that your greatness will be felt”)